Bob Oré Introduces Bob Oré Luxury Designer Handbags To Melissa Ricci

Bob Oré Introduces Bob Oré Luxury Designer Handbags To Melissa Ricci

In early February, Bob Oré the manufacturer of Bob Oré luxury designer handbag sat down with fashion blogger Melissa Ricci to Introduce the Bob Oré luxury handbag collection to her subscribers.

The interview kicked off with an introduction of Bob Oré’s luxury designer handbags and Bob walked Melissa through the manufacturing process.

Bob mentioned that the manufacturing of luxury handbags is put through a thorough process to achieve the optimal quality. He highlighted that the leather used for making the bags are found in Italy, the bags are also designed in Italy but taken to other parts of the world for production.

Bob stated that to make the affordable leather handbag available for everyone, Bob Oré luxury designer handbags are available online. 

Melissa mentioned how Bob Oré luxury handbags are of the finest leather and they can compete with other known names in designer handbags. 

Melissa highlighted that for an affordable price, Bob Oré offers buyers a top-quality handcrafted leather handbag with luxurious designs that can compete with other top brands. Melissa displayed different colors of Bob Oré’s Croissant Bags and stated that the handcrafted genuine leather bag is top-notch and that the bag is available in different colors and designs.

Bob Oré reiterated what Melissa said by stating that the bags are one hundred percent leather and they give buyers the best value for their money. Bob mentioned that purchasing the bag is easy and buyers needed to do is to log on to

Melissa mentioned that Bob Oré's luxury leather handbag collection has something for everyone. She mentioned that there are bags that are perfect for daytime outfits and purposes and there are bags for nighttime styles and purposes.

Melissa displayed one of Bob Oré’s green-colored Crossbody bags which was described as a playful and chic handbag brand, and which she thought is a perfect fit for younger ladies and even teenagers. She talked about the bag’s handle and the longer strap which is kept inside the bag, Melissa thought the bag was functional and easy to use.

Melissa also displayed Bob Oré’s beautiful black moon bag that she thought goes with all types of outfits and is multifunctional. She emphasized how the bag is a gentle leather handbag with a sophisticated and classy design, and how it’s suitable for both older ladies and both younger ones.  

Melissa thought that one of Bob Oré’s luxury handbags would make a good valentine’s day Present and she advised her subscribers to order soon so they could get it before Valentine’s day.

In his closing remarks, Bob wished Melissa good luck with her show, he said he thought the show had a personal and relaxed feeling, he thought it was a good way to introduce the Bob Oré brand and to also allow people to meet the face behind the brand. Bob also added that Melissa’s kind words were an encouragement for him to keep building the brand and serving the customers.

Melissa Richie mentioned that it was an honor to interview Bob Oré and she felt delighted to meet a man with such rich ties to numerous countries. She also advised viewers to take advantage of the valentine offer and Bob Oré’s generous promo code while it lasted.