Bob Oré’s Bags Appears On The Hottest List Of Top Fashion Blogs

Bob Oré’s Bags Appears On The Hottest List Of Top Fashion Blogs

There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have a Bob Oré handbag in your handbag collection. The beauty, class, and quality of the bag speak for themselves and if you’re a bag lover with a high for the good stuff you will fall in love with a Bob Oré bag the moment you set your eyes on it. However, if you still need some more reasons to get a Bob Oré bag or you’re reluctant to take our word for it, how about the words of these top fashion and lifestyle blogs that agree that Bob Oré is a must-have.



Fashion and lifestyle blog Refinery29 made an article about how Croissant Bags are the next big thing and one of the bags that featured in the article Bob Oré’s Marshmallow croissant bag. Made with smooth original leather and perfected with careful handmade craftsmanship, the Bob Oré marshmallow croissant bag is a stylish and beautiful bag that offers both a classy and a chic look.

On the list, Bob Oré’s marshmallow croissant bag found itself in the company of other bags from the biggest fashion houses which is a testament to the top-class quality of Bob Oré bags.



The Bob Oré Naomi Moon Bag was featured on The Knockturnal Editor’s Pick 2021 which is a list that contained a pick of trendy and classy fashion pieces for the year. Bob Oré’s Naomi Moon Bag made the list with the editor gushing over the aesthetic appeal and quality leather of the bag. It was described as a perfect carry-around handbag that fits perfectly under the arm. The capacity of Naomi Moon Bag to compliment all types of style made it a top recommendation as an eye-catcher for those who intended to walk the runway.  



One of the top urban fashion magazines The Code Magazine made a list of the trendy fashion turning heads on the streets of New York and Bob Oré Riley Bag In Smooth Leather made the list of the top trendy mini bags. One of four bags that made the list, Bob Oré Riley Bag was selected for its catchy look and portability. Easy to carry around and stylish, Bob Oré Riley Bag brings a touch of class to the chic everyday outfits on the streets of New York.



This is a widely visited website that gives holiday tips. They wrote an article on staff appreciation gifts for companies, offices, associations, and businesses and Bob Oré’s Alexia bag in smooth leather made the list.

Bob Oré’s Alexia bag was described as the perfect shoulder bag that offers elegance and sophistication. The curators of Get Your Holiday On believe that Bob Oré’s Alexia bag will make a perfect staff appreciation gift and we couldn’t agree more.  

Since Bob Oré bags entered the market it has been met with positive remarks and acceptance and it has grown in popularity. The vote of confidence by these fashion blogs is a display of the increasing acceptance and quality of Bob Oré Bags.