Bob Ore Blue Collection founder

Mr Bob Oré Had A Great Interview With Holr Magazine

The creator and visionary behind the bags you’ve seen all over Instagram.


Last week, Mr Bob was invited to have an interview with editor Samantha Vecchiarelli. They talked about the brand and idea of Bob Oré Blue Collection. Let's see what they say-


TodayHOLR had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Bob Oré– the founder and visionary behind the most beautiful bags you’ve seen all over Instagram- to discuss his beginnings in the industry and where he gets his inspiration from when designing for his brand – Bob Oré Blue Collection. Bob Oré features affordable, hand-crafted genuine leather bags from Beverly Hills.

Keep reading to find out all about the esteemed designer and his stunning collection, which you can shop online or in stores on location in Beverly Hills or Montréal.

Tell us about yourself and how you started the business.

After a long time in the apparel and accessories business in retail and wholesale – representing and creating for the best companies in the world including Lanvin, Cacharel, Hermès – I wanted to go into business with my partner to deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

With luxury brands getting more expensive, we wanted to offer the best possible quality at the most affordable prices. All details of our products are taken care of, from the leather to the accessories, to the packaging- everything is luxurious and sophisticated.

Because of the pandemic, we decided to focus our efforts on selling online to avoid intermediaries and keep the prices as low as possible for the quality offered. When our clients receive our bags, they are always pleasantly surprised at the time and effort that has gone into creating the details of each piece.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing your pieces?

We are aware of what’s going on in fashion around the world, in terms of trends, colors, shapes, and forms. We follow a variety of social networks, forums, and fairs, so we can sense a direction, such as a new feel or trend in the industry. Thanks to the internet, we can see in the same day a défilé of Chanel, Gucci, or Hermès, the latest créations of other famous designers and try to be nevertheless as original as possible.

We try to be in a niche by ourselves – unique, sophisticated, detail-oriented, catering to a discerning clientele while being young at heart. We manufacture bags in our factories for different occasions, that are not only chic, casual, and gentle but always, I repeat, detail-oriented. We prefer to concentrate on creating beautiful, quality-crafted bags.

Tell us about some of the most popular designs we can find on the site.

You can sense a trend in terms of our most popular styles: Marshmallow, Alexia, Cassidy, Naomi, among others are the most popular and sell regularly in different colors. Our Instagram account Bob Oré Blue Collection is gaining popularity, and we invite our customers to share their overall experience with us.

What makes the Bob Oré Blue Collection unique?

Our pieces are luxurious but affordable, we also pride ourselves in being original, in which we have great and unique designs. In comparison to other luxury brands on the market, we put extraordinary effort into designing and making extremely fine products at very fair prices.

Where can we shop for Bob Oré Blue Collection bags?

Besides our online presence, we are physically in Beverly Hills and Montréal. We intend, in a near future, to have more stores all over the world, although, for the time being, we will concentrate our marketing efforts online as the world starts to open up.

We want to be a “fun factory” with innovative on-site merchandising for the ultimate shopping experience. For instance, we allow for easy returns, no questions asked, and offer excellent customer service. You can shop our products on:, and you can also use this discount code when shopping! Bob20 

Are you currently working on your next collection?

Yes, we currently preparing the Fall/Winter collection that will be coming soon. All our team is working in unison and we have now a formidable array of talents and companies working together with us to help show our products to the world. Our motto is: You are beautiful!

Source by HOLR Magazine.