The Designer Leather

The Designer Leather

Leather is an ancient material dating back millenniums. Leather has stayed with man all through his evolution and even today, leather remains a primary component of fashion items. When it comes to female handbags, leather bags are one of the most coveted and popular.

Leather bags are women’s favorite and every woman gets to have at least one leather bag in her collection. The reasons for the popularity of leather bags are their unrivaled quality, durability, uniqueness, range, and elegance.

Different types of leather can determine the texture and appearance of a leather bag. Different designer brands use different types of leather in making their bags,these are the types of leather used in making some of the most popular and converted designer bags in the market.



When it comes to the business of designer handbags, Hermes comes first. They are known for their expensive designer bags which are a regular on the most exclusive red carpet in the different cities; Hermes’ craftsmanship and detailed design make them special and worth the investment; Hermes makes use of the finest leathers in making their bags. Hermes leather includes:

  • Barenia Natural Leather: This is a unique calf leather that delivers top quality and smooth-textured leather. This leather delivers a smooth and soft texture which Hermes uses in creating a breathtaking design. 
  • Hermes Epsom Leather:Epsom leather is unique for its lightweight and smooth texture. It’s also rugged leather which makes for a durable designer bag. Hermes uses its Epsom leather in delivering a combination of class and durability. 
  • Box Calf Leather: Box Calf leather creates a unique tender yet strong texture which Hermes uses in creating some of its best-selling bags. Box calf leather subtly combines sophistication and durability to create a special bag. 
  • Alligator Leather: This is one of the most prized leather in the world. Alligator crocodile leather is a combination of luxury and class, it’s also a definition of wealth. This scaly leather is used in creating premium bags with stunning designs. 
  • Matte Poroscus Croc: The leather tops the exclusivity, luxury, and class list, the matte poroscus croc leather is derived from genuine crocodile skin which is a rarity. This leather is worth thousands of dollars hence if bags made from them are expensive. However, best believe it’s worth every cent

Hermes gets its leather from exotic animals that are rare to find, the authenticity and quality of their leather combine with the unmatchable craftsmanship makes Hermes handbags very expensive and a collector’s dream.  


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest luxury brands in the world whose LV pattern is instantly recognizable and attracts attention.

  • Vachetta leather: The first pick for Louis Vuitton when it comes to leather is the Vachetta leather which is a unique leather that takes on a life of its own as it ages gracefully. Made of beige color, Vachetta leather undergoes a process known as Patina, which allows it to take on a honey color and gradually turn dark brown as it ages.Vachetta leather is a trademark for Louis Vuitton designer bags and it’s one of the qualities that indicate its quality. 
  • Monogram Empreinte Leather: This is a soft calfskin that comes in different colors. This leather is thicker and sturdier which combines with LV’s exquisite design to make it durable and classy. 
  • 1985 Epi leather: This is the maiden Louis Vuitton leather bag made from Epi leather, this leather is a unique two-tanned leather that LV used in creating a classy and edgy design. 



Chanel has been used in so many music and movies that it’s a cultural force as much as a fashion statement. As one of the top fashion brands for the fortunate who can afford it, Chanel has a collection of leather that makes their bags stand out.

Lambskin: this is super quality and soft leather that is used by Chanel to design some of their luxury handbags, lambskin allows for a stylish design as it’s more malleable and customizable. 

  • Chanel Aged Calfskin: Chanel used this leather to achieve a chic bag that’s also durable, this leather is strong, scratch-proof and makes for a classy durable bag. 
  • Goatskin Leather:The is Chanel’s strongest leather that they use in creating their unique unorthodox leather handbags. It’s a heavy-duty bag that retains enough softness to make it a strong and classy bag. 
  • Patent Leather: This is a shiny leather that provides a beautiful shiny surface that steals the show. Chanel uses patent leather in creating some of its classy designs that will put a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. 
  • Python Leather: This is an original python leather that is rare to find and is ageless. Python leather looks distinct on designer handbags and they are sure to last many years. 
  • Alligator Leather:This list can’t be complete without the exotic alligator leather which is one of Chanel’s most prized bad, they are made from alligator skin which is expensive and rare.

You should count yourself fortunate if you’re able to get your hands on one of Chanel’s expensive alligator bags as they have banned the use of alligator leather in 2018.   

Chanel uses some of the best leather in the market in designing their coveted bags, little wonder women are willing to pay a fortune for one of Chanel’s leather bags.  



Leather bags are a good investment because a quality leather bag can last a lifetime. Leather bags’ exquisite design and top quality combine to make it a bag that is worth every cent. The straps, linings, handles, and stitching are strongly affixed to the bag and they will remain in their original form for several years.

Leather handbags come in a variety of styles ranging from purses, shoulder bags, tote bags, cross bags, etc. There are different designer leather bags like the croissant bag, the baguette bag, and the moon Bag.

Leather bags are not only a fashion statement, they are a way for women to display their personalities. Whether you’re going for a chic, classy, casual, corporate, or sexy look, there’s a design of a leather bag to compliment your look. Leather bags are not only beautiful, but they are also durable, hence you can never go wrong with a leather bag.