When New York Meet Bob Oré Blue Collection Bag

When New York Meet Bob Oré Blue Collection Bag

New York is known as one of the fashion capital of the world alongside Milan and Paris. New York lived up to its reputation when New Yorkers got their hands on Bob Oré Blue Collection bags. Bob Oré Blue Collection bags are exquisite, chic, stylish, sophisticated, and multi-functional. New York fashion influencers showed Bob Oré Blue Collection’s range in a stylish, sophisticated, and yet simple fashion.

First on this list is top fashionista, Bridget who is one of New York’s fashion influencers and bloggers. She posted a picture with Bob Oré Blue Collection’s Naomi green bag to her over 800K followers. She paired the bag with a casual white jean jacket over white jean shorts with slits. Her white high-top sandals completed the white casual look, which blended perfectly with Bob Oré Blue Collection’s green Naomi bag.

Naomi green bag

American fashion icon and the founder of the fashion blog and brand, WeWoreWhatDaniella Bernstein gave Bob Oré Blue Collection Naomi bag an urban and edgy look which would have many of her over 2.6M followers rushing to get their hands on. Danielle Bernstein is a popular name in fashion and was featured on the Forbes “30 under 30” list in 2017. Daniella wore an elbow ripped body fitted ash color turtleneck over a pair of cream-colored baggy jeans, and when combined with Bob Oré Blue Collection’s green Naomi bag the result was a simple yet chic look that’s subtle and pleasing to the eyes.

Fashion writer from Bazaar, Belle Bakst, showed the range of Bob Ore bags in a stylish combination. Belle had a denim jacket stylishly hanging over her shoulder with a short sleeve white T-Shirt underneath and paired beautifully with pink checkered bootcut pants.

Bob Oré bags

Hanging on her arm is a Bob Oré Blue Collection Jacqueline bag that completes a chic, simple, yet classy look. Bella had started as an assistant writer for a fashion magazine when she moved to New York. It didn’t take long before she became a fashion influencer and a top writer. We are sure over 40K followers will enjoy this look and want the multi-functional Jacqueline bag in their closet.

Instagram model Ella Rose McFadin got in on the action with Bob Oré Blue Collection’s Alexia bag. The fashionista wore a lace ruffled tank top over a pair of baggy denim complemented with a chocolate brown Bob Oré Blue Collection Alexia bag. Ella looked so stylish that many of her 143K followers will be eager to get their hands on Bob Ore’s Alexia bag.

Alexia bag

British Algerian model, fashion influencer, and actress Farida Haddad displayed Bob Oré Blue Collection’s Alexia bag. The multifunctional brown Alexia bag is styled with a chic but casual everyday black dress.

Alexia bag

Blogger and social media star, Kiarra Norman had heads turning with her classy look. The fashionista wore a cream jacket over a white crop top paired with a red checkered boot cut pants and finished off with Bob Oré Blue Collection’s  Croissant bag for a smashing look.

Croissant bag

Fashion blogger, content creator, and podcaster Madi Kahn produced a girly look. Styled with a pink body-fitted short dress, pink slippers, and finished off with a beautiful yellow Bob Oré Blue Collection croissant bag. @Victoriaparisf is one of Tiktok’s top fashionistas that can’t seem to get enough of Bob Oré Blue Collection bags. You can spot a Bob Oré Blue Collection Marshmallow bag in multiple TikTok posts from @victoriaparisf.

Marshmallow bag

Bob Oré Blue Collection bags are taking the fashion world by storm. The quality, beauty, and multifunctionality make them a top choice for everyone who desires sophistication and simplicity. The fashion world should be prepared as Bob Oré Blue Collection takes on other cities across the globe.